How to add Parameters(params) while creating watcher (Threshold alert) via Webhooks?

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I tried to create a watcher(Threshold alert) with notification mechanism as Webhook. But when i'm providing the host name in the HOST field and the remaining entire information of the url in the PATH field. after a series of trails i came to an understanding that its not taking the parameters(params) which we specified in the url.

Ex: our url let's say

in the UI i select scheme = https , host=, path= /integrations/alerts/webhook?vtoken=1234ryhdu678

but its not taking the parameter instead its taking entire value as path only.

but in case of advanced watcher as we are preparing json we can specify the field PARAMS and provide vtoken value in that and its working

Could you please provide me a solution as soon as possible on how to send the parameters in the threshold alert ?

I'm able to send the params value in the json of the advanced watcher one but i'm not able to send it in threshold alert
I'm getting 405 error

Please provide me a solution ASAP.

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Can you share the output of the Execute Watch API for that watch?
Here are some useful links for threshold alerts as well.

More logs, would be helpful.


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