How to adjust Tooltip width? More than half of text is hidden


I know my text in the tooltip is kind of long, but I want to see at least 40-50 characters. It would be good if the width is adjustable.


At least what you can do is that if I zoom out the page, tooltip width occupies a percentage of the page, instead of a fixed with size. I would rather zoom out and see small fonts so that I can see more characters.

(Khalah Jones Golden) #3

The only text I see here that is cut off is the legend on the right, you can't resize that, however as another solution, in 4.5 there is the feature to label a legend value anything you want. Hope that is helpful



I like it very much! It is really helpful. Using label legend, I save some steps of enriching the data by putting lables from logstash side then.
When will 4.5 be released?

(Khalah Jones Golden) #5

It shall be released very soon! We don't really like to make promises on dates as things happen. But if you like there is a branch on github you can run with ES2.3

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