How to aggregate data on the dashboard from two different Indexes

I need a very specific (maybe not that much) form of data aggregation from to different indexes to show on a dashboard panel.

I am making a sideways bar graph, and have two indexes that I need to use for it.

There is the User index and the Documents index. The user index has an array of favorite documents with the users favorite document's IDs, and the document's Index has the full information on the document.

What i need to do is a graph that shows the most favorited documents, and its reasonably easy to do so using only the id numbers, but that is it, the graph shows only ID numbers, not the actual document titles.

How do I cross the information on those two indexes? All i wanted was to show the titles of the documents on this panel, but I don't want to have to rely on coding some piece of software to aggregate those two informations on a new index.

Hi buddy, did you finally get a way out to this till date?

Noel Smith

Hi buddy, any update over this yet?

Not really, unfortunately it does not seem to be possible to do what I described above. therefore, just had to code an application that organizes the data the way i needed in another index before trying to create the panel.

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