How to analyze data in ES?

Environment Description:
Rocky Linux 8
JDK 1.8
elasticsearch-7.17.5, logstash-7.17.5, kibana-7.17.5, filebeat-7.17.5

Statement of needs:
The log data has been collected into ELK, and now it is necessary to analyze the specific message, such as the number of times the method occurs, to facilitate the developer to track the problem.
I need the Key : Value is method : occurred_times
And it would be better if the result could be displayed in Kibana.

As shown in the example,

The Key : Value is
[func/tlog_helper.cpp:136:GetSvrPlatID()] : 3
[scene/gameaccount.cpp:10220:GetBelongAreaType()] : 1


  1. How to implement the above requirements?
  2. Are there any tutorials or articles available?

This is the first time to ask a question. If there are any deficiencies, please give feedback and hope to get an answer, thank you!

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