How to apply a transformation after an aggregation has been calculated

We're using Kibana 6.7.1

I have a timestamp field that is stored in UTC.
I'm calculating the max of it so I can get the last object received timestamp.

I want to be able to convert that into Eastern time AFTER the aggregation has been calculated.
So either minus 5 hours (EST) or minus 4 hours (EDT) from the timestamp I have.

How do I do that when creating a visualization? Can I use theJSON input to achieve that?


Is this one specific visualization going to behave differently from the rest of your visualizations in Kibana? If not, you can specify your preferred timezone under Kibana's advanced settings. Kibana should automatically convert timestamps to your preferred timezone this way.

The default behavior is to use the browser's timezone, but you can change this to a fixed EST/EDT if you'd prefer:

Otherwise, you could use a scripted field to do the conversion before the aggregation, but there's currently no way to transform this in Kibana after aggregation if the timezone setting doesn't work for you

Thank you!

The browser date is the perfect solution.

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