How to apply Time Range on Pie, Line and Bar charts in Kibana?

I am unable to apply Time Range on Pie, Line and Bar charts in Kibana. I am using Kibana version 5.5 and Elasticsearch version 5.5.
Time Range is application on Time series and Timelion Charts but when i am giving Quick Time Range of Last 6 months then it is not reflected in PIE chart.
Is there any way to do this?


I was able to apply the time range for Pie charts .

Make sure your cluster has data for the time range you are selecting . I tried the same on 5.5 as well.
Any more details you could provide us?


You have appiled time range through Date Histogram but it is not applied through Time Range on DashboardDashboard

I want to apply time range in Pie Charts through Dashboard

Yes, you can definitely achieve this. This is how I did it in Kibana ( unreleased version 6.x) If you have data in the time range mentioned, you can easily plot the pie chart as shown. Let me know if this is not the case for you , and I can help you further...


Hi Rashmi,

Can't I apply Time Range on customized Date Time Attribute???

As I have taken Payment_Processing_Date instead of @timestamp, but I am unable to apply Time Range now!!!!


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