How to audit search on an Elasticsearch indexes

We would like to have report on what type of search we have on some Elastic index, I cannot find the search in the servers logs, not sure how we could audit the search request done on an index ?
kind of 10 most field / value search

Have you explored slow logging ?

There's currently nothing native that can provide this.

thank you , I will try this settings to see what i can get for information, in our case we are not looking it has performance issues more to understand who is searching what , but maybe tuning some of this value will allow us to see all search

Thank you for this information, it's Funny we are using ELK to audit all our application but we cannot audit it self :wink: (the shoemaker's son always goes barefoot )

nginx 、apisix or any gateway can help you,like this one i did before:

thank you good idea , this could be a solution, but we would have to change our infrastructure design

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