How to Log Elasticsearch's Own Logs?

(Morphers82) #1

Is there a best way to log the logs produced by Elasticsearch itself.
I want to monitor All of the logs of all of the elasticsearch nodes in my cluster.
Is there a guide for this that uses logstash/beats/ or something to send the logs elasticsearch itself creates to another small cluster so i can manage all of the logs elasticsearch produces from one place?

(Morphers82) #2

p.s. Trying to find information about doing this is hard because running a google search for this exact information, due to elasticsearch being mainly used for logging everything else, makes it hard to query.

(Venkat Santhosh) #3

yes, it is really hard to know of what the elstic search is logging. i am also looking for similar kind but there are no details in google

(Mark Walkom) #4

Keep an eye on filebeat, there will be a module coming for it very soon :slight_smile:

(Venkat Santhosh) #5

@warkolm where to check the search information in kibana logs

(Mark Walkom) #6

I'm not sure what you are asking sorry.

(Venkat Santhosh) #7

i am looking on how to troubleshoot kibana/ES when it gets struck due to user searches

(Mark Walkom) #8

Elasticsearch doesn't log that, you may need to look at enabling slowlog at a level of 0ms so it logs everything and then look at that.

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