How to automate reading logs?

Hi, i'm using elk on docker and i want to automate reading logs from different server
can someone help me ??


First step would be to determine if your Elasticsearch is reachable from the other server.
(telnet works great for this)

You then have to determine if you want to use logstash, filebeat or elastic-agent.
(i'd suggest agent as this is the way forward)

thanks this is really helpful

Hello ,
How can i determine if Elasticsearch is reachable or no ?
I'm gonna use logstash

First make sure your Elasticsearch docker is exposing ports (port mapping).
This is part of the run command (or config).

Second from another host try to use telnet to connect to the exposed port or use a browser.
Elasticsearch is HTTP(S) so opening the http(s)://<hostrunning_elastic>: should show you a webpage with json.

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