How to avoid “failed to find nested object under path” on Kibana?

I have a Kibana dashboard which contains many widgets. The widgets displays data from multiple indices lets say index1 and index2. When I try to filter data by nested field for index1 using KQL I get 'failed to find nested object under path' for the widgets for index 2 which is expected as index2 does not contain the filtered nested field.

My question is how do I hide these error messages from Kibana dashboard?

I know we can use "ignore_unmapped" parameter in the query but I am using inbuilt Kibana widgets, where I cannot pass this parameter.

Can someone help me fix this?


Have a question, which widgets on your dashboard trigger this error message?

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Hi, I get error for Aggregation based Metric & TSVB.

Hi @matw , Can you please help? Our customers are complaining about it and we need to know if there is any solution around it.

Dear Tech Support
is there any answer about this issue described by Pranay - our Customers is pushing us to get an answer soon.

Dear Kibana Support,
we haven't get any answer yet on this topic. Would you please advise on the next steps? customers are following up for an answer in this regard, please
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