How to balance data between nodes by disk disk usage %

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I have a elasticsearch cluster with four nodes, and the disk usage is not balanced, just like below:

| free | total | disk usage %

A | 3.2T | 7.5T | 57%
B | 1.6T | 7.5T | 78%
C | 3.1T | 9.0T | 65%
D | 4.6T | 9.0T | 48%

we can see the cluster's data is not balance. I want to balance the data by disk, for example, every node's disk usage is about 65%. I have already look the Disk-based Shard :
it can only balance the new shard, but I want to relocate the shard now.
So, how to do?
I use elasticsearch 2.3.4

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