How to build graph using elasticsearch data


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Hi All,

We are building log analytics applicaton in which we are using Graylog & Elasticsearch. Since I have installed Elasticsearch but somehow I want to take the data from elasticsearch and created some graphs with the data on my own instead of using Xpack-Graph. I couldn't get any ideas on how to start it out, what should I do in order to extract those data and build the graphs

Kindly share your thoughts on this.

Ganeshbabu R

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Do you mean "graph" as in bar chart?
If so this is probably the wrong forum.

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Sorry for the wrong input not in the bar chart graph. I mean xpack-graph..

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OK - so are you wanting to use the Graph API but with a different UI?

I'm not familiar with any Graylog graph visualization capabilities but custom UIs can be built using toolkits such as sigma.js, linkurious, keylines and others. You would have to write some code to wire these things together with the x-pack graph API.

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@Mark_Harwood you are right i want to build an different graph app which pulls data from elastic and feeds data to d3 graph

i could have used xpack graph api and do http calls to get data but its not free ware and i'm not sure that we will be able to buy one licence
is there any way to use just graph api for free ??
is there any other alternative for xpack graph api which is free ??

or can i query directly to elastic using aggregation if so how feasible it is?? can yo share me some resource on this


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We have a fully-featured trial version of the software which you can try for free to see if it gives business benefit on your data. After the trial expires however you would need to purchase a license to continue its use.

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I have used the Graph API trial version but can't afford to buy a licence :frowning:

Is there any other way to build relational Graph with elastic search without using xpack-graph api

anyways thanks for your prompt replay

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This is perhaps not the best forum for asking how to reverse engineer commercial software.

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