How to carry forward the applied index level settings to new indices

I am running elastic stack (ES, kibana, Filebeat, Metricbeat , logstash) v7.2 on kubernetes. I have applied the following setting to my filebeat and metricbeat index patterns.

PUT metricbeat-*/_settings
   "index" : {
        "merge.scheduler.max_thread_count" : 1

But this setting is not getting carried forward to the newly created indices. The indices created upto the date on which I had applied this setting from Kibana dev tools have this setting, but the indices created after this date does not have this setting. How to make this setting persistent for all the indices that will be created in future?

Use an index template that matches the index pattern to set this. that way it will apply to all new indices.

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thanks @Christian_Dahlqvist I think this will work!

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