How to change the cluster name of an elk cluster with 3 master nodes


I'm trying to find a way to change the cluster name of my whole elk cluster (7 data nodes, 3 master).

If i change the cluster name in config and restart a non-current-master node, it will fail to rejoin cluster after restart because the cluster name does not match the old one.

So i'm not sure how to proceed, since rolling restart will not work.

Thx in advance for any advises :slight_smile:

That's correct, you will have to shut down all the nodes, adjust their config, and then start them all up again.

Edit: I don't see this in the docs today so I opened #95858.

Ty for answering !

When i start the cluster again after shutdown, do i need to start the same master node that was elected before shutting down or that doesn't matter ?

Just start all the nodes at once, they will sort themselves out.

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