How to change the Logo of Kibana Version 7.1.0

Hi all,
I am working on Kibana . I just want to change the logo of Kibana.I found some articles where they have given the path to change the logo, but they are for older versions like 5 and above till 6.8.0. I am working on the newer version 7.1.0 for this I didn't find the folder UI in $KIBANA_HoME/src/
I only have the following folders in the src folder:

cli cli_keystore cli_plugin core docs legacy optimize setup_node_env type_exports.js

I have searched other folders too but I didn't find any folder or file where I can change the logo or modify the UI of kibana.
Can someone help me with the newer version?
Thank you

I believe the file you'll want to replace is in src/legacy/ui/public/assets/images/kibana.svg.

Thanks for the reply @lukas!
I tried changing kibana.svg with my image but I am facing an error like I am not able to see the kibana logo while loading the website but neither my image being loaded, it is just blank or white logo I can see. I am not getting why? can you just help me out?

Thank you

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