How to check size on an index by field

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hi everyone!

is there anyway to check the size in bytes on an index by field?

let me say my scenario first.

pull down from cloudwatch log > extract some logs @ lostash > shipping specific log events only to ES
and create some fields (api_code : app1, app2, app3)

in kibana dev console, i can check daily indices size by using GET _cat/indices?v
but i would like to check size in bytes by field (eg: size of api_code app1, size of api_code app2)

is that possible?

thank you someone point out to me.

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That is not possible sorry.

(Val Crettaz) #3

That info is not readily available from any API that I know of.
However, using the Term Vectors API, you might be able to infer some size using a combination of the size of the term and the term frequency, but you need to create some client side logic to compute all that.

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i see. thank you.

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