How to check the CPU number from metricbeat?

Hi All, it maybe a strange question. But how to get the number of CPU via metricbeat?

I think currently the only way is to enable the core metricset where you get an event for each core and then do a count. But that seems to be overcomplicated. Perhaps we should add the # of cores to the cpu metricset? @monica Any thoughts here or do I miss something?

Indeed, the system module of Metricbeat doesn't export the number of cores, so you would need to calculate it Kibana as @ruflin suggested. Please create a feature request in GitHub to export the number of CPU cores.

Hi @monica, appreciate for your help. Right now, we are still using csv to record such information statically. BTW, is there any possible to run the command via metricbeat, like "cat /etc/redhat-release"? So that we can get the OS version as well.

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