How to check weather filebeat is able to communicate with kibana dashboard or not

How to check weather filebeat is able to communicate with ELK or kibana dashboard ?

If not communicating, then how to know the reason behind it?

Hi @kirankumarb !

You can check whether Filebeat is able to collect and ship data to your Elasticsearch instance by following step 6 of this documentation:

This documentation also goes over how to install and configure Filebeat to collect data, connect to Elasticsearch and Kibana, enable modules to collect and parse data, set up assets for parsing, indexing, and visualizing your data and confirm that data is streaming correctly (step 6).

So make sure you have followed all of these steps to ensure that Filebeat is able to correctly stream data to your Elasticsearch instance!

As far as troubleshooting goes, I would check out this documentation on debugging Filebeat!

If you need more help, I would check out the Filebeat Discussion Forum and search for the issue you are dealing with.

If you can't find the solution there, open a new issue and make sure to include the following info in your question so we can help you out.

Hope this helps!

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