How to check what compression codec some of document use

If i have some index, and i had default value of the codec in settings, then i change this setting to best_compression, so my question is: How to check one document in an index, to know what codec this document use, default or the best_compression, or maybe is there any way to get some statistics on how much of default documents in an index, and how much new with default_compression?

Is this because you are changing compression levels?

Yes, i want to know what compression document use in index, about all index it's easy just looking at codec in settings, but on document, can i do that?

You can not. Once you have made the change new segments created through indexing or merging will use the new codec. If you are. I longer indexing into the index and want to reduce size I would recommend a forcemerge down to a single segment.

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