How to combine/pair multiple events into single event (consider as a single transaction) based on a rule

Let's consider below sample events,

_index:windows_security empId:12345  action:create time:0900
_index:windows_security empId:12345  action:delete time:0910

_index:windows_security empId:12345  action:created time:1500
_index:windows_security empId:12345  action:modified time:1510

the user have done two actions, one around 09:00 and the other set around 15:00
I wanted to pair such events so that based on same empId, but if actions are done within span of say 15minutes, I want to consider it part of same session.

So ideally I want to see the above outcome to see in 1st session user have created & deleted
and in the 2nd session user have created and modified.
How can we achieve in Elastic?
(In Splunk, there is a transaction command to do similar. What's the equivalent in Elasticsearch?)

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