How to compare data in different sets of documents matched by their timestamp in Kibana


I am new to Kibana and elasticsearch and run into a problem with some basic analysis, where I want to compare different sets of documents matched by their timestamp in Kibana

The situation is as follows:
We are uploading sensor data from different devices and I want to compare data of deviceA with data of deviceB.

This means data of both devices should be matched based on timestamp for analysis.
Analysis I would like to do with this data:

  • Plot sensordata of deviceA (yaxis) against deviceB (xaxis)
  • (average) difference between deviceA and deviceB
  • etc

Documents stored contain a device ID, timestamp and sensordata

Is this possible in Kibana? Is there an option to do some custom preprocessing of data in Kibana? Or would I need to add a plugin?

Thank you!

If both devices have timestamps in the same bucket(time interval), there shouldn't be any problem in getting them displayed on the same chart.
Can you post some examples on how a document looks like so we can get more of an idea?

Thanks for your reply! Yes they are at the same time interval.
This is an example document:

      "_source": {
        "deviceID": {
            "keyword": "deviceA"
        "timestamp": 1586953800000,
        "co2": 448,
        "pm10": 8,

There is no problem displaying them in the same chart with time as x-axis.
But I want to be able to plot for example co2 of deviceA on the x-axis and co2 of deviceB on the y-axis.
An example:

For other analytics I am running into the same issue: I want to query deviceA and get the corresponding data of deviceB matching the timestamp of deviceA, and then do some comparisons and then display in kibana. I looked into canvas with sql which works nice, but then there are no subqueries suported to do this it seems?

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