How to compare the sums of multiple columns?


I have datasets like below.
count_A: 10,
count_B: 5
count_A: 20,
count_: 5

I would to create a Kibana pie chart that compares the sums of each columns.
In this case, 30 vs 10 for count_A and count_B like below.

May I know how I can realize this?


It would probably make more sense to do this as a bar chart. Kibana pie charts let you pick a way to aggregate the data and the metric to show for the aggregations. You are looking at all the data as one aggregate and want to get the sum of 2 different fields in the data.

In a vertical bar chart, you can have multiple horizontal axes. You can make a bar chart where one axis is the sum of count_A and another axis is the sum of count_B. Here is a screenshot of how to set that up in Lens:

You can leave the "Horizontal axis" option blank to view all the data as one aggregate. Then select 2 different vertical axes as "sum" of the fields you want to see.

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