Compare averages of multiple fields on one viz

How can I create a visualization in Kibana that compares the averages of multiple fields on the same chart? I can do it easily in Timelion as a stacked bar graph for time-series data but in this case I don't want it to be time-based, I just want a vertical bar graph showing overall averages.

For example, let's say I have an index of customers, and for each customer there is a field for "NumberOfVisits" and "NumberOfSales". I want to have a chart where the x-axis is a series of different fields, and the y-axis is the average of each field.

Any recommendations?

If I were doing this in Excel I would just write out my list of fields in one column, and then in the next column have a series of calculated fields based on data pulled from each column of another sheet.


You cannot do this kind of ad hoc math outside Timelion or the Timeseries visual builder.

This sort of thing might be possible with bucket scripts, but there is no support for this in Kibana Visualize just yet: see for more info

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