How to plot two different fields in one bar chart?

(Melvyn Peignon) #1

I want to do a chart like this:

So I have two fields "rest_of_the_world" and "china" that I want to display on the same bar chart. The Y axis is supposed to be the number of document that contain a X value (a count).

So for instance I have 150 documents that have "1996" in the field "rest_of_the_world" and "15 documents that has "1996" in the field "china".

Is it possible to do such a chart with Kibana? And will it be possible to plot the difference between the two?

(Nathan Reese) #2

This is possible with timelion,

(Melvyn Peignon) #3

Isn't this for time series data? In my case it is an integer not a date

(system) #4

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