How to configure different logs from different servers

Hello Team,
I am having a little bit confusing concept which I want to clear now.
I have separate Server for separate operations and tools such as:-
IP_ADDR 1: Apache / nginx
IP_ADDR 3: Cassandra Node 1
IP_ADDR 4: Cassandra Node 2
IP_ADDR 5: Cassandra Node 3

So how to configure ELK stack in this to implement centralized log systems from all 5 IPs location.


Hi Nandan,

You can forward the logs from these servers using either something like FileBeat or Syslog and then index it to Elasticsearch via Logstash.

Thanks for reply. But I am getting confused because As I mentioned above , basically we are having multiple servers and tools / Open source we are using and we are trying to build a centralised logged system.
So how should I install ELK stack?
As in this example :-
I need to install Elasticseach on each server , logstash on each server and kibana on each server or Something different way.

NO, you do not need to install ES, kibana on each server.

Before all things, make sure you understand the usefulness of each tool in the stack.

A very simple architecture would be:

  • Install on the same server on Kibana - Elasticserach - logstash (optional)

  • And on each target server, install an agent for each machine (which will then retrieve the logs and send them either to Elasticsearch or Logstash.)

beat 1 |
beat ...| ----> Logstash(Optionnal) --> ES --> kibana
beat 3 |

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