How to configure the anonymous login to kibana

Hi Team,

After deploying elasticsearch and kibana throgh eck, how to configure anonymous login to kibana 8.5.3


Can anyone respond for this.


Try below settings, here basic and anonymous both are used(order is the priority- read documentation for more) 0 1 false ELASTICSEARCH_USERNAME ${}


Do we need to add this settings to kibana.yaml ?
user name and password is it require to add manually ELASTICSEARCH_USERNAME ${}

Hello @MahithaSarala ,

Yes , need to add this setting as this defines anonymous username and authentication pass.(I'm hidding the details of username and password using keystore)
Try adding these and then check login to kibana with your Anonymous-USER/PASS.


Password not required for anonymous user right , these configurations is it require to mention on Elasticsearch configuration file as well .

Hello ,
I hope you understand the need of anonymous user access need i.e no creds should be required and direct login to kibana.Yes you're correct you can avoid the password and test once.Once you get some error in logs you can proceed further.

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