How to connect keyclock with elasticsearch and kibana

Hi team,

I am using ELK in my local machine . And it was protected with searchguard. Now I want to integrate keyclock With ELK. I dont know how to connect keyclock with ELK . Give me a step by step process to integrate this two services.


Hi, I'm trying to help answer your question by doing a google search for keyclock, but I didn't find anything. Do you mean "Keycloak"?

Assuming that "integrate keycloak with ELK" means viewing keycloak logs in Kibana, the first thing you will need to figure out is how to access the logs of the service.

Once you know where the logs are, you can ingest them into Elasticsearch using Filebeat or Logstash.

Thanks @tsullivan for reply.

Keycloak is an identity provider.

Before we are using Searchguard for securing Elasticsearch and kibana . And we use some configuration to connect keycloak with ELK.

Now We didn't Use seachguard .

My Elasticsearch and Kibana are secured with Xpack and enabled Https protocols for both.

Now my question is How to connect elasticsearch and kibana with Keycloak ?

I dont know about Xpack configuration to connect keycloak with Elasticsearch.

Can you help me?

Thanks, the question is much clearer now.

The understanding I get now is that you have an Elasticsearch node and a Kibana instance, and each service is secured on the network with Keycloak.

I assume that Keycloak acts as the interface to to clients and proxies requests to the secured service. If that is the case, then you can connect Kibana to Elasticsearch by using the address of the Keycloak's external interface as your elasticsearch.hosts setting in kibana.yml. See:

Apologies for my misunderstanding. My initial understanding from the question is that you wanted to see keycloak operational metrics in Kibana.

Thanks @tsullivan .

Now I connected Keycloak openID with elasticsearch and kibana.
Its working fine.
But that kibana profile show current user id of keycloak instead of User name .
I need to change userID to User name .
can you help me to solve that?
I Attached screenshot.please check.

Hi team,

can you give me the solution for it?

its getting late.

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