Keycloak with ELK stack

I'm trying to use Keycloak to login into kibana dashboard. Can anyone help me on this as some of the solutions I found on the forum were not working out for me.

HI @shivendra95

Could you pls let me know the error/problem you are facing while opening the kibana dashboard with keycloak?

Harsh Bajaj

Hi @harshbajaj16 ,

I'm in the process of integrating keycloak with ELK, currently I'm not aware as to what configurations are needed to be added in Elasticsearch and Kibana to integrate keycloak.
So if you can help in telling the configurations required to be added that will be of great use to me.


Hi @shivendra95 ,

How it works

In 3 steps you can achieve this:

  1. External traffic is directed to the keycloak proxy. The proxy decides based on it configuration if the destination needs authentication.
  2. The keycloak Proxy work together with Keycloak and redirects the user to the authentication server so the user can login.
  3. After a successful login the proxy forwards the user to kibana instance.

Below is the external link which can help you. You may ignore the docker-compose file if you are not using docker.

Harsh Bajaj

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