How to correlate OpenTelemetry to host metrics?

We use dotnet exporters to send a lot of trace and log data to the cloud APM Server.
This works really good on that side of things and we have also added the environment header, which works well.

We now installed agents on our boxes to collect more information from various integration.
All this is managed by fleet and works like a charm, very very nice!

The problem is though. When I click on a trace that is of interest, then click investigate and show host metrics.. its blank.
But under Infrastructure -> Inventory we have loads of data pouring in.

I have a feeling we need to add the following to our open telemetry exporter

  • host.hostname
  • (which is a UUID? How do I get or generate that)

Is this correct?
Can the documentation please be updated
Resource attributes | APM User Guide [8.6] | Elastic

Thank you!
We are loving all of the new ElasticStack!!


I just checked and I already add the host name- which kind of started showing things in the Inventory before the agents were installed. So I guess its correlating on the ?

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I think I answered my own question.
We were lower casing the host name in our app once I removed it and kept the casing the same the investigate -> host metrics now pops up with data in the time frame of the trace.

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