Infrastructure tab in the APM UI/App

Hi there,

Anyone know what the 'key' is to correlate infrastructure metrics with APM agent metrics so they appear in the infrastructure tab in the APM UI?

I am not seeing any infra metrics for an APM service but I know that we definitely have them in elasticsearch from the Elastic Agent running on the server that the JVM is hosted on.

host.hostname field is common across both APM and EA documents but interestingly in the APM data it is uppercase and in the EA data it is lowercase. Not sure if this could be the issue though.


Hi Andrew,

The infrastructure metrics table in the APM UI is populated by infrastructure data filtered by the following fields:

  • Pods: from the APM metrics data streams.

  • Containers: from the APM metrics data streams.

  • Hosts: If the application is containerized (if the APM metrics documents include, is used from the infrastructure data streams (filtered by If not, host.hostname is used from the APM metrics data streams.


Thanks Giorgos.

Really useful information. So one thing, for my non-containerized app I am not seeing any data in the infrastructure tab. Interestingly the host.hostname field for the APM data stream is lowercase. It is uppercase for the infrastructure data. Host name is the same!

Could this be an issue do you think?