Universal profiling APM integration - host.name not working

We have currently set up this integration:

  • PHP OTEL SDK -> Otel collector -> elastic APM.
  • Universal Profiling set up in k8s

When looking at Transaction in APM we have this click through
But after clicking at it it uses this query:
host.name: "aks-eocspot-38196108-vmss0000d1"
but the host.name has ALWAYS last 2 letters of the name capitalised, like this
host.name: "aks-eocspot-38196108-vmss0000D1" so the query doesn't match anything.

Any idea where to look at ?

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Hey Jakub

You are right, this is a known issue. Not lowercasing/normalizing host.name would be correct.

There is an ongoing discussion about this issue.

Additionally, to my knowledge there is currently no way to easily work around this. KQL (the filter field) doesn't allow case-insensitive matching for fields of type keyword, which is the field type of host.name in the profiling index.

Hopefully, the issue is solved soon.