How to create a baseline chart


I have a time series of application performance monitoring data (response times).
I need to create a baseline chart ( it is something like mean value plus and minus standard deviation multiplied by some coefficient (2, for example)? )

In the end, that makes several graphics, is it possible with TSVB or any other visualization ?

Hi @WassimDhib, welcome back to the forum!
You can create overlays using TSVB where each series you plot is customizable and you can apply aggregations and filters in a series. The TSVB guide should help you see how to create these visualizations, although you'll have to use filters/aggregations that are suitable for your needs. Kibana also ships with some sample data and there are a few TSVB visualizations that you can inspect and 'play' with to get a feel for it :smile:
Good luck!

Another recommendation is to use Lens if that is available to you as a Visualization option.
There's more info on Lens here video, webinar, demo etc

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