Issue Making TSVB in kibana

Hello All,

How can TSVB visual can be made for below image? , want to dispaly the values for processes,alive,dead wrt to monitor time.As it can be seen the value fluctuate wrt to monitor time.
How can this be achieved through tsvb ?.Backend seperate fileds are created in Index.


I think you can do it with Lens if I got your problem correctly. Here's similar example:

Hello @Marta_Bondyra ,

Thanx for looking into this,What you've tried to display is in table format.
My usecase is simply to show the data in table format ,that I've achieved through document table.Similarly for given table shown I need to show timeseries TSVB visualization representing the count of various status.In table it can be seen with (Monitor Time) how each value(Process,alive,dead) is fluctuating up or down.So this should be seen as TSVB visual.
Kibana version-7.9.1
Any help or suggestion on this would be helpful.


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