TSVB Data Formatter : Access data other than value

I made a visualisation that allow me to see a per process Memory usage (see here)
I've been able to reproduce kind of the same visualisation without using Lens but by using TSVB and it's looking like that :

In order to be more UX Friendly, i would like to modify the data shown on the left side of the visualisation.
Instead of using the process.pid and the memory usage ({{value}}) on hover, i would like to have something like : process.name(process.pid) from user.name : {{value}}
I didn't manage to find a lot of documentation on option about either annotation or data option and i feel like this can be the answer.

Overall any help would be appreciate. Thanks by advance.

Edit : Also using TSVB is not a requierment, if this involve switching to an other type of visualisation no problem about it

sadly this is not possible to do right now in Kibana.
You could do multiple split series in an Area Chart, something like this:

And then fine tune the number of results based on what you'll get. For example in my case with the default top 5 for each split series terms aggregation, I get 90% of the results as Firefox since that's my most used app with multiple instances.

Alright, thanks for the help.
Agree with you this is sad. I think i could be a great improvement. Should i make a request for this to be implemented in future versions ?
If i do, is it on kibana's gitub or somewhere else ?
Thanks by advance

Kibana's github is fine for enhancement request. But do try my option as well, it could help you even though the text won't be as nicely formatted.

Surely i will thanks

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