How to create a GAUGE using filter ratio

Hello @flash1293,

I took your advice and I used TSVB .
I tried to create GAUGE that showes the total number of attempt and the portion of attempt compliant number.
For that I used a filter ratio, but I didn't know how to used correctly.
This capture from my try.

And i want to get sthg similar to this:

Could you please help me.

I don't know where you got the syntax you are using (with where), but you should use Lucene in here. Try

  • Numerator: Constrainte:[-78 TO *]
  • Denominator: *

That should give you the ratio you are interested in. No need to work with _id here, as you are only after the count of documents matched by each query.

You can modify the styling in the "Panel options" tab.

HI @flash1293
first thank's for help,
second i did what you told but i get 0 like below:

And about the picture tha t i told you i want sthg similar to it, i meant i want percentage of
attempt compliant number compared to the hole attempt number.

Remove the "Query string" - this is handled by the filter ratio.
You can change the number format, I think it's part of the "Options" tab.

I'm sorry but still dosen't work
that's capture from Data and Panel options

I couldn't figure out what's wrong.

The numerator is wrong, please check my post from above.

Hey it works
but it gives me wrong number
The number of attempt compliant(Contrainte>=-78) is 1638 from 2631 observations
So it should be 62.25%

Things that could cause this:

  • Wrong index pattern
  • Time range does not include all documents
  • "Data timerange mode" is not set to "Entire time range" in the Panel options

To make sure there are actually 1638 documents matching this query, go to discover, search for Contrainte >= -78 and check the total hit count.

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you're right it's my mistake
it works
thank you so much

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