How to create a menu for my dashboards?

I want to build a dashboard that displays data on server health. Say, RAM/CPU/Network/etc data from CollectD. That's obviously a dashboard that is useful on all my servers, so I want to be able to switch between data for individual servers quickly.

Effectively, a list of filters for the host.raw field that I can turn on and off. Depending on the data being viewed, I'd want to be able to turn on more than one filter at a time. (Like Apache data from multiple load balanced nodes.)

I tried creating a "Top 1000 host.raw" data table visualization. But once I click on a row, that visualization only lists the host I clicked on. I have to hit the back button, or otherwise clear the filter, to change what host I'm looking at. Which means I can only filter on one host, not more that one. That's fine for health data, but kinda defeats the whole point of Kibana's ability to aggregate from lots of hosts...

I can, I think, just modify the search bar to search on the hosts I want. But that's not exactly quick, and relies on me typing the hostnames without typos...

As I think about this, what I really want is the ability to create a UI menu that lets me apply filters and/or searches to the current dashboard. It would be a dynamic menu that builds menu items based on data from a field. To make it even more awesome, I'd want to be able to manually add menu items that apply custom filters or searches.

Is there any way to build something like that?

Not in a nice way for the minute.

You could have a markdown box that has a link to different dashboards though?

A markdown box could definitely work as part of a work around. Thanks for the idea.

Does Kibana 4 have a plugin api or something I could use to insert my own code without hacking core Kibana 4?

It does, that was a core reason for the rewrite from 3>4.

However it's entirely DIY at this stage as there are no docs around it (yet). There is a great talk from Elastic{on} from Spencer Alger that goes into this though, so might be worth starting there.

Could you tell us what talk is it please?

You can find a recording here:

Note, however, that Kibana is a fast-moving project and a lot of things change on the code side, if you look at latest versions or master.

Thank you Tanya!

So, I found this:

That's an excellent demonstration of @warkolm's markdown box idea. :slight_smile: At least I assume the Navigation visualization is a markdown box.

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It is!