How to create a smart graph in Kibana

I'd like to create a vertical bar style visualization that will present data as follow

data example:
name: flow_

I'd like to know the deveation of the last runtime value from the selected time range median of the runtime for each flow.

In my mind I imagine a graph showing the top 10 flows with the largest deveation
each flow will have 2 columns, one for the latest and the second for the median

Median: 45 seconds
Latest: 6165 seconds

Is there a way to do it in Kibana?
I'd love hearing your suggestions


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How do you know in your data what the last runtime value was? Do the documents have a time field you can use to sort the runtime values in chronological order?

If I'm thinking along the right lines, then the vertical bar chart x-axis will have a date histogram aggregation of that time field.

To show the value of the max metric in each bar, you'd have a Y-Axis metric of max of runtime (in my data, the field was called metric).

To show the derivative value of the previous max run time, you'd have another Y-Axis metric of derivative of (max of runtime)

You can play with the "Metrics & Axes" controls to have one of the metrics show as a bar chart, another show as a line chart. You should probably also have a left and a right Y-Axis. A Y-Axis for each metric:

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