How to create a url to retrieve data from a local file or from ftp

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Hi Team,
I need help in creating a url in kibana discover page. When clicked on it it needs to fetch the file contents from a local system or from ftp location.
I already followed the steps to create uri out of teh data populated in the column. But it is giving {"statusCode":404,"error":"Not Found","message":"Unknown app D:/test/Sample_JSON.txt"} error message.

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I think that browsers will prevent this from working but assuming it's possible, make sure to use the file:/ protocol in your url.

(Vaddanam V Srinivasarao) #3

I am using the FTP connection here to retrieve the file. I am not interested in hard coding the ftp username and pwd in link.

(kulkarni) #4

There is no way in the FTP URL syntax to ask the user agent to prompt for a user name. Either you provide a fixed user name (with or without a password) in the URL or no user name, in which the user name anonymous is used. Instead of providing directly a link with an FTP URL, present an HTML form which asks for the username; make the script which processes the form send a 301 (temporarily moved) response, substituting the received username into the URL in the Location header.

Let us know if this helps...


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