Opening my file in Kibana Discover Tab

What should i do in order to be able to open my original files that i have ingested. I tried making file.url into an url but when it is tapped into, it opens the file with localhost:5601/file:///.... which ends up in an error page since the file is not found. :bowing_man:

Or is it not possible for us to open our file from the local directory, therefore the file has to be on a server location and thus, making the url as the ip address of the file like

Kibana isn't really designed for this. What sort of files are they and why do you want to open them there?

@warkolm it's the usecase whereby we want the user to be able to open that specific file when he looks at the particular hit result.

I done a bit of search with regards to the opening of file and it seems like we might be able to add protocols in the kibana.yml to alter them. Any advice on this?

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