How to open file from Kibana using path.real (or any other data) from Fscrawler

Hello everyone.
I am new to Elasticsearch.
I am indexing some pdf, word files using Fscrawler (which works great!) and using Kibana to filter, search. I am wandering if there is a way to open file from Kibana using the data (e. g. path.real)? Thanks in advance.

Hello, you can try using a field formatter on your index pattern. The URL string field formatter will let you convert one of your fields into a clickable link that you can use in Discover, for example. Here are the docs:

Thanks Jen. I will try. Files located on local drive did not open for me, as the link opens browser.

I looked at this further and remembered that there is a restriction on opening local files from https:

The team is working on implementing a way to allow users to whitelist additional protocols. In the meantime, editing the relevant code directly may help: link to whitelist.

Thanks again Jen. I hope that feature will come soon.

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