How to create a user defined data table visualization


I have been using Kibana dashboard to monitor my Raspberry Pi devices health. Each raspberry pi sends its health log to elasticsearch and from their I have dashboard which then have multiple visualization to monitor health and other logs from raspberry pi.

I was looking add another visualization probably a data table where I can create my own custom message related to any device. For ex, today 5 devices are sending data, so I want to have a data table just like excel sheet where I can mention any of custom message i.e. device id 342 has signal issue. So every day I will keep noting down these points and at the end of the month I will have a list of issues reported.

I initially thought this can be done using a data table visualization but I didnt find any help to add my own custom message in data table. Is there any visualization where I can add my points/issues along with date and other info. Please suggest

You can use the Text/Markdown visualization type to add freeform text to Kibana. TSVB supports Markdown as well, where you can combine aggregations + markdown. If those options are not suitable, then maybe you would want to insert documents into ES from a datasource that you control.

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Hi Wylie, it looks like I can go with Markdown visualization. Just wanted to know if it is possible to generate report out of it?

If you're talking about PDF/PNG reporting, that works by taking screenshots of the dashboard- these are paid features. Subscriptions | Elastic Stack Products & Support | Elastic

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