How to create chart/table of top n busiest periods by time interval period

Hi Guys,

I'm still pretty new to Kibana so apologies in advance if this is obvious. I'm processing a set of Apache access logs and have no trouble with the histogram showing access requests over time.

What I'd like to be able to do is have some sort of graph or table which shows the top n periods for access requests - in other words, when are the spikes? The user should be able to set the time interval for the calculation and the table or chart should then update accordingly.

For example, I'd like to be able to display the top 5 instances where the sum of access requests is highest within a 1 hour interval period.

Does this make sense and if so is it possible currently? I'm using Kibana 4.


Would simply creating a date histogram table and sorting it on the average value of the KPI you are looking for work?

Sort persistence is something we're working on (tentatively targeted for 4.2):

Hi Tanya,

Sorry for not replying earlier. I'm not sure your response does quite what I was after. If I sort by average KPI (transactions per time period say) then I would see those periods with the top count for the time period I specified (lets say 12 hours).

What I was trying to understand is how to take my dataset (lets say it's spread over 7 days, and I get transactions coming in all the time) and report on the top 10 'busiest periods' where a period is, say, 1 hour long. 'Busiest' would be 'most transactions in an hour'.

Pehaps I can do this simply by changing the date scale that the histogram uses - I'll take a look at that to see if it's possible.

Hope I've managed to explain what I was looking for. Thanks again for the reply and the help.