How to create custom message info for monitors in Elastic?

Hello, I'm new to Elastic, I have configured the Email alerts for port violation monitor, but I getting emails with default Messages info, not Specific details about the alert. How can I edit the default template and add custom details like switch IP, port number, mac add violation, etc,, in the email?

snap attached

Hi :wave:, welcome to our community!

Looking at the snap, this doesn't seem to look like Elastic's official Kibana alerting.

You can learn more about our alerting framework here: Kibana Alerting: Alerts & Actions for Elasticsearch data | Elastic and Alerting | Kibana Guide [7.15] | Elastic

Hi Anton, thanks for the information!

We have an open distro for Elasticsearch and I don't see more options like the premium one.

Is there any KB article to refer to for configuring a customized alert trigger action template? Thanks in advance!

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