How to create customized order in elasticsearch

Hi Experts ,

I am preparing a pie chart in kibana 4 which shows device action . It could be "error", "Warning" and "info". Now what I want is to provide red color to "error", yellow to warning and green to info . I am aware that in kibana 3 it was achievable but in kibana 4 I have 2 options

  1. change the order of the result because I have seen color changes if I change the order of the result like ASC to DESC or vice versa .
  2. In src/public/index.js I can define my color options.

My question is may I write or provide a customized order to the filed in elasticsearch . With this customized order my result would be in the order like "Error", "Warning", "info' then in the src/public/index.js I'll provide red, yellow and green color. I hope this makes sense . If you have any other alternate please let me know .

This post is about Kibana so I'm going to move it to the Kibana category where it is more likely to be answered

Color palette selection is currently targeted to Kibana 4.3 - you can +1 and track the progress here: