How to create map chart without geo hash

Hi Guys,

I have data into elasticsearch, data like State, District, Village but havn't Geohash. Checked in Kibana its not allowed me to developed Map. Kindly guide me how can I developed map chart??? Geo co-ordinates must be required???

Yes you need geo coordinates, otherwise how does KB know where to map things?

Hey Mark,

Based on the State it can't map? In IBM Cognos BI there is functionality map directly state and city to map. So asking can we do same in Kibana???

How should be data for geo hash??? Any sample data??? if I have large data with city name, state then I have to insert geo cordinate?? It should map diectly.


You should read Geolocation | Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide [2.x] | Elastic

The OP might want to look into using Logstash's translate filter to map names of states and/or cities to geographical coordinates (at least if the number of states and cities is reasonably small).

As Mark notes neither Logstash nor Kibana has such a feature built in. It's actually a quite interesting idea though—someone should write a plugin that uses OpenStreetMap's Nominatim API for this.