Kibana Maps for custom data

Hello all,
I have a data like below in my ES

 NodeName           State             Country               Value
  LS02            Virginia             US                     56
  LS04            NewYork              US                     89
  IN56            Delhi                India                  77

So I want to create a map based on the states, with its corresponding Value.
I am working with a ELK 7.2.0 set.
I'm rather new to Kibana, I'd very much like to have a kick start on what are the things I need to do.
Hope I can get an Idea of working this out!
Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

What format is this data in ? If it has the latitudes and longitudes you can import the data via geoJSON in Maps. First step is to ingest this data into ES somehow - via CSV or GEOJSON depending on ur your format. will give you fair idea on how to get started on Kibana . will get u started on Kibana Maps.

Please let us know how we can help u further.


Hi @rashmi,
My data is basically names of cities/names of countries.

Will this only work with a geo codes embedded? Is there a way that will allow me to recognize the location with names? Not address, just the country/state names.

thank you!


Hi @katara. If your data in Elasticsearch has ISO 3166-2 codes (ex. US-VA, US-NY, IN-DL), you could use the one or more of the EMS Boundary layers in Maps via a terms join to your data.

We currently have support for many country subdivisions and are regularly adding more countries. You can see what layers are available and the corresponding ISO codes at

However, it sounds like you only have city and country names. Somehow you'll need to add geographic coordinates (latitudes and longitudes) to your data in Elasticsearch.

It might be possible to do determine the coordinates by reconciling your city names against the geonames database. Perhaps you could ingest the geonames database into a new index in Elasticsearch and use the "Update By Query API" to add the coordinates to your existing index.

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