How to map geo points (coordinates) to reginal layer

I have docs with a geo location field (coordinates I get from the user's browser), and I want to add a layer to my map - where those geo locations are mapped into regions map ?
like so -

All I have is coordinates . If its not possible with only coordinates, what data should I add - and is this data retrievable from the browser's api? (like navigator.geolocation)

Take a look at this blog post

The gist is that you can enrich your documents by adding a region identifier field so that later you can render your data as a choropleth map (region map).

The blog post focuses on custom boundaries, but you can upload the Administrative Regions dataset that contains both region and country codes.

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this works great! unfortunately - my index is created from a data stream , so I needed to reindex the ds into a new regular index - and than ingest the data into the pipline (which worked). I would like to know is it possible to run this pipeline and rollover the ds (with each document passing thorough the pipeline), and also add this pipeline to the index settings

Take a look at this tutorial, where a Data Stream is configured with an index template that includes an ingest pipeline

We've just revamped the tutorial so any feedback is welcomed :smile:

ok I think I got it , after rollover the new DS index settings looked like this :

but I can tell the docs are not ingested since the GEOID is not added to the docs.

never mind - one of my fields was incorrectly written to the ds. thanks!

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