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I want to know if it possible to create a region map by using geo points? I have geo points in my index but its unclear whether I also need to have a region code or if the map can be constructed with just the geo points.


Yes, you can create a region map from points but the procedure is as follows:

  • Upload a region dataset (likely countries but it can be anything that suits your case). You can download boundaries datasets from and upload them to Elasticsearch using Elastic Maps GeoJSON uploader
  • Create an enrich policy that allows adding fields from your regions to ingested data
  • Reindex your dataset to include these fields
  • Map your data using your region dataset and the metrics (counts, averages, etc) with Elastic Maps.

You have this workflow described in detail on this guide:

The cool thing is that you can render both the region map for high zoom levels (say 0 to 12) and when the user zooms enough render the individual points, if that makes sense for your use case.

thank you Jorge for your help!

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