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Hello, I have different fields with Geo-IP data: Latitude, Longitude, Country Code, Continent code and more. How can I build a map based on that? I've tried the "Create new Maps" option but all the visualization options ask me for geospatial data.

Ok, I've managed to generate geopoint info but I want to only mark info by country (don't draw every shape for every coordinate).

Hi @Bo-Wyatt ,

I believe the following docs contains valuable information around what you're trying to achieve Build a map to compare metrics by country or region | Kibana Guide [8.1] | Elastic


Very helpful, thanks. Is it possible to only show circles (count) grouped by country and add thresholds to the metrics? (to color different sizes)

You want to render the map using points instead of country boundaries, right?

You can download the countries GeoJSON file from and use mapshaper to convert from polygons into points:

mapshaper -i world_countries_v7.geo.json -points -o world_countries_v7_points.geo.json

Then you can import that file into Elastic Maps and use a Term Join layer to join this index with your dataset using the country code. The default aggregation will render points based in the count and from there you can style the size with a default classification or your own color ramp and values.

Hope it helps!!

That sounds great, thanks! Which layer should I use to import that file?

EDIT: I've used "Upload File" then joining by Country code. There's any chance to make the points bigger or smaller (or other color) based on count value?

Sure take a look at this documentation and let us know if there's any trouble

That's very helpful, a few thinks:

Can I change the "Label" position? By default is centered inside the "Symbol".
Can I determinate "Threshold" based on the value an the size of the "Symbol"?
Can I change the opacity of the "Fill Color" ?
Example of question n°1
Based on all this questions, I want to achieve something like this:

No, label position is not configurable.

What do you mean? The size of the symbol is driven by the metric and the min and max values in the UI.

You can change the opacity of the full layer in the top of the panel, but you cannot set individual values.


On the other hand you can make the fill or the border fully transparents by deleting the color.

Peek 2022-04-26 12-21

Sorry I couldn't answer on the same format, here's in order:

  • That's a shame, It would be great to position the label on top or bottom.
  • I mean, a more specific size for each value, not something between 1 or 100px, some value to determinate the size based on thresholds (Based on a Count metric, 10,50,100 and so on of count values).
  • That's a shame too, It will be good to have more personalization on this topics.

Besides this small issues, I think I'm on the right path to acomplish what I want. Thanks

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Please feel free to fill separate enhancement requests capturing your use case and requirements, they help us a lot to understand users necessities.

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