Maps kibana with geo point

what is the fastest way to insert geographic data on a Maps in Kibana (elastic cloud)?
I need to show a map with very specific points, maybe even with a custom icon and a label.

Thank you

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Go To Maps
Elasticsearch Add Documents
Your index pattern will need to have either geo_point or geo_shape data.
Add Layer.
Then go in and customize the layer. Lots of options
There is ability to apply colors labels icons.
Aggregations filter etc.
Tool Tips

@accateo go play with it you're good at this stuff already :slight_smile:

Good docs here

Then you can save that map and add it as a panel in a dashboard

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I tried. I really don't understand what is the format for the data.

Is this the fastest way? Can I add a geo point via Dev Console in cloud? Can you tell me an example JSON?


hi @accateo you have different options:

Create a GeoJSON file from scratch

Load a file in GeoJSON format from your computer in Kibana Maps . You can create a sample dataset pretty quickly using for example

Create a GeoJSON from CSV

You can use Mapshaper to convert a CSV with coordinates in columns into a GeoJSON

Import a CSV using File

Since Kibana 7.10, file importer in the Machine Learning application will automatically detect lon/lat fields and will set up the pipeline and mappings to import a CSV with coordinates

Pushing documents directly

You can always create your index manually (the mapping needs to be set beforehand) and use the regular API endpoints to add documents with geo_point or geo_shape fields. Check the docs for the different ways to define them.


How can I change color of the marker based on value?

What kind of field do I have to put in my index?


Take a look at this doc. It really depends on the type of data you want to represent:

  • Categorical data is usually stored as keyword fields and they are represented by a palette of different colors. Example: flight positions by origin country

  • Quantitative data is usually stored as number and they are represented as a range of colors. Example: flight positions by altitude

Same applies to aggregated data. If you have a number metric it should be a range (count, averages, etc) but if you do a top terms aggregation then your map should represent them using a palette of colors.


Ok, so there is no way to set a specific RGB color to every document.

Two last questions:

  • is it possibile to add an URL link to a marker?
  • is it possible to add a custom icon for the marker?


Unfortunately not at this moment, see this other recent discussion

Yes, you can add tooltips, and they honor Kibana String field formatters so they can render URLs and images.

Not at this moment, sorry.